Do not leave behind

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Este trabalho do autor é sobre Poesia. Poemas em Ingles na sua maioria, e em Portugues do Brasil. O autor mudou sua residencia para os Estados Unidos e compartilha sentimentos, pensamentos e sua filosofia do que levar consigo e o que deixar para tras. Poesia contemporanea.

Este livro só existia em e-book na Amazon Kindle e Barnes & Noble Nook. Agora disponível em formato impresso, compacto. Tiragem limitada - 200 exemplares.

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Inspiring, It Indeed Resonates With Expats I bought this a few months ago and could not let go before I read it all. Very emotional and inspiring for those of us who move from one country to another and leave things behind.

Do not leave behind, buy it and read it Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2020 Verified Purchase The poems resonated tremendously with my own life experience. Marcos' unpretentious style brings the reader inside his feelings, like bringing a close friend for a walk in a Saturday evening. The quotidian stories lead us to reflect about the deeper questions and values of our lives. Each poem calls for the next one and when you realize it you'll have read the entire book in one sitting. Highly recommended!

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