Gerson Alves da Rosa

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24 horas de Natação, Genebra, Nov de 1999

Director of the MBA programme at Robert Kennedy College in Zurich, Switzerland.

Informação obtida no site do RKC em outubro de 2009:

The late Prof. Gerson Rosa, former Director of the MBA Programme

Professor Gerson Rosa, whose name appeared on this list for a number of years, died quite suddenly in March 2009. He is surely missed by his students and colleagues alike.

Resumé no Catálogo de cursos do mesmo Robert Kennedy College:

Professor Gerson Rosa holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and International Business Management from UCLA while attending it as a Fulbright Scholar.

Fifteen plus years of experience have followed with a leading, high technology, multinational company with more than USD 70 billion in revenues and operating in more than 150 countries around the world. Such experience was acquired through Finance / Management / Treasury assignments in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

Professor Gerson Rosa’s fields of interest include International Business Management, FX – Foreign Exchange, Investment Strategies, Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Financial Derivative Instruments, Macro / Geo-Political issues, Technology as a competitive edge / global business enabler.

Professor Gerson Rosa enjoys sportive activities (skiing, swimming, scuba diving, volleyball), travelling, reading and flying as a holder of a Pilot License issued by the U.S. F.A.A.

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