Ricardo Caldeira César Brasil

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MBA , International Affairs - IBMEC

Bachelor Sciences , Aeronautical Engineering - Aeronautical Technological Institute - Brazil


ICAO USOAP Auditor Course - International Civil Aviation Organization

Auditor Leader Course ISO/SGS - Lima - Peru

Airworthiness Course - UK Civil Aviation Authority – Brighton – UK

ISO Quality Auditor Course - CTA/IFI

Structural Repair and Airline Engineer - Boeing Company – Seattle,WA -USA

Repair Station Certification and Surveillance Course - FAA Academy – Oklahoma City


Ricardo Caldeira Cesar Brasil has been born and grown up in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. He joined in Brazilian Air Force in 1982. In 1991, he had been graduated in the most respected Brazilian Aeronautics Engineering University located in São José dos Campos, home city of EMBRAER. Since that time he has been working in airworthiness issues and activities in the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority. He is expert in the ICAO Airworthiness Panel in Lima – Peru


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